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Storage Tips

With a little bit of careful planning you can make accessing your stored items an easy task. Just follow our list of simple tips and it should help you make the best use of your storage space and minimize the stress of locating a particular stored item.

Storage Tips

       It all starts with careful planning...
  • Start packing a month to two weeks prior to the time you will store your items
  • Try to collect boxes that are all the same size and shape (this will make life easy when it comes time to stacking)
    • good sources of boxes include: the liquor store, food stores, computer stores, department stores
    • Tomato boxes from the food store and paper boxes from the office are especially ideal as they are strong, not overly large and can be stacked easily
  • Plan ahead and collect other packing materials including, cardboard tubes for posters or long narrow items, flat cardboard for pictures and mirrors, etc.
  • Buy some quality packing tape and a tape dispenser from your local office supply or hardware store
  • Outfit yourself with a pad of paper, a pen, and a large indelible marker (these items will be used to keep track of the exact contents of each box and to mark the box with a number or list major contents)
    • Depending on the complexity of and number of items you are storing you may wish to come up with a numbering or colour coding system to help you locate items quickly and easily
  • Don't forget to plan your short term storage too. Once you've packed that box you need a place to put it until you bring it to your storage locker. Make sure you plan ahead and set aside a room or the garage at home to stack and organize boxes to be brought to the storage locker
       Now its time to start packing...
  • Always remember, Your packing job is only as good as the quality of the box and tape you use, so judge carefully before packing your dumbells in a box that's paper thin
  • Try to pack similar items together
    • Heavy non-breakable stuff with heavy non-breakable stuff
    • Fragile pottery (wrapped in several layers of linen or newsprint) with fragile pottery
    • Books with books
    • etc. etc.
  • Place heavy items on the bottom. This applies to packing a box but also stacking boxes!
  • Use spare linen and bedding as packing material
  • Make sure you put the pen, paper and marker from the previous section to good work and log the contents of every box and mark every box with the contents
       Time to move in to your new storage space. But before you do consider this...
       ...When you rent a storage space you usually only rent the space you need. This means
        you need to plan carefully in order to fit it all in. Chances are pretty good that you will
        have things piled to the rafters so pay special attention to this section.
  • If you're planning frequent visits to your storage locker you may want to invest in sturdy shelving (make sure the shelving is built to hold the weight of your stored items)
  • Depending on what you are storing its always a good idea to get things up off the floor. Get some free wooden palettes from your local lumber yard and put them on the floor (sometimes concrete can be damp and it will also help with air circulation)
  • Stack heavy things on the bottom
  • Try to keep an isle down the middle of the locker for easier access to items at the back
  • Put the pen and paper to use and map out where items are located in your locker
  • Stack flat items like mirrors and pictures on edge (its safer this way and also easier to slide them out in the event you want them)
  • Place large couches on end. They usually don't make a very stable surface for piling things on top of.
  • If you need more space, consider breaking down furniture.
    • Remove legs from tables and store the table top on its edge
    • The great thing about IKEA© furniture is that it's easy to disassemble too (as long as you kept the hex key)
    • Disassemble metal bed frames and remove legs from couches and chairs
    • Disassemble shelving and package flat
  • MAKE SURE YOU LOCK UP every time you leave!
       A few last tips...
  • Bring a flashlight! Even in daylight it can be hard to see the contents at the bottom of a box!
  • Be considerate! If you have to remove everything from your locker because you just can't find that item you're looking for, please stack items carefully against the wall and out of the way of other units.
  • When you move out of your locker make sure it is swept clean and you have left nothing behind
    • We will charge you an additonal fee if you leave a mess and we will not be held responsible for any valuables inadvertently left behind
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